“The Belgians, assailed with terrible fury, returned the fire of the enemy for quite some time with great spirit.”

–Lt. Hope, 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot–


History Revived!


 The last few years the number of 1970672_658278087566316_2115695447_nNapoleonic events has grown enormously in both numbers and size. The main reason is simple: We’re in a period in time when a lot of battles are being commemorated because of their 200th anniversary (the so-called “bicentennials”).

The 7de Bataljon van Linie is a re-enactment/living history association which portrays a Belgo-Dutch infantry-unit during the period 1814-1815.

This battalion was a part of the Brigade ‘van Bylandt’ and was involved in the heavy fighting during the Waterloo-campaign. Its troops fought both at Quatre-Bras (16th june 1815) and at Waterloo (18th june 1815).Kampleven

The main goal of our association is to unite people who share a passion for the military life, in all of its aspects, of the third company of the 7de Bataljon Infanterie van Linie.

Our members pick up the role of soldiers, non-commisioned officers, officers and campfollowers (both male and female) to recreate the image as good as we possibly can.  Next to the battles we drill regularly and show the camplife and all its facets.